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stop creating functions globally
Wednesday / May 29, 2019 /

STOP Creating Functions globally

Ronit / Blog, Javascript, Technical / 1 Comment

“STOP Creating functions globally?  Ronit what are you saying?” “Yes, guys I am saying correctly”   In today’s post, I will highlight a Big Mistake which many of us do in our code and we should immediately stop doing that mistake, by the end of this post you will surely understand why I gave the title…

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CaseyHorner's Nature Photograph
Tuesday / Mar 19, 2019 /

Setup a mock JSON API server without coding

Ronit / Blog, Technical / 0 Comments

Setup the mock API server without coding. “Hey!!! Wait, Ronit, Are you serious? API Server that too without coding?” “Yes! I am serious guys. Let me show you how it’s possible.” Many times while development we need APIs to have a conversation between the client and the server and the work of coding is being distributed…

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Image of Javascript Programming
Sunday / Dec 09, 2018 /

Practice Javascript Programs for Interview

Ronit / Blog, Javascript, Technical / 0 Comments

Here below I will keep on posting Javascript Programs for Interview because preparing for an interview is something which needs to be planned and done in a focused way. Preparation includes going through theories and practicing the programs. “Hope it helps you in your journey of Preparation for Interview” Program #RMJPQ1 OOPS, Private/Public WAP for…

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Anonymous Function Representation
Friday / Nov 30, 2018 /

Understanding Javascript Anonymous Function in 10 Minutes

Ronit / Blog, Javascript, Technical / 0 Comments

MDN Definition: “A function expression in which the name part is omitted is called an Anonymous Function.” “Hey!!! But what is Function expression?” Ok, So before I proceed let me explain you the Function Expression. Function Expression A Function Expression is like any other normal expression but written in the same syntax as a Function Declaration. function…

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Callback Functions Featured Image
Wednesday / Nov 28, 2018 /

Understanding Javascript Callback Function in 15 Minutes by Solving a Problem

Ronit / Blog, Javascript, Technical / 2 Comments

MDN Defination: A callback function is a function passed into another function as an argument, which is then invoked inside the outer function to complete some kind of routine or action. Today in this post I am going to teach a very helpful tool of Javascript called Callback Functions. When you are in a problem and…

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