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Hello, I'm
Ronit Mukherjee

Fullstack Developer, Independent IT Trainer, Corporate Trainer , Blogger


I am a Full Lifecycle Web Developer with an experience of around 7+ Yrs.

I have a keen interest in learning & implementing new technologies.

Apart from the technical background, my interests drive me towards photography, social work, and entrepreneurship.

If I talk about my life I am a person with a very positive outlook towards the world, being bit philosophical and spiritual I practice to live my life happily by spreading happiness and positivity.

To know more about me, let’s connect ūüôā

  • Name: Ronit Mukherjee
  • Email: connect.ronit@gmail.com
  • Phone: (+91) - 860-4757-207
  • Date of birth: 02 November
  • Address: D-1801, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Nationality: India

My Skills

My Evergrowing Skills

I am a Jack of all trades and it’s my belief that it’s only the need of the hour. I believe in enhancing my skills in multiple domains which are not only bound to the technical side.


Expert, 7 years

ReactJS + Redux

Advanced, 3 Years


Expert, 5 years


Advanced, 4 years


Medium, 2 years

Philosophy & Spirituality

Advanced, 5 years


Advanced, 5 years


Medium, 5 years


Medium, 4 year


Advanced, 4 year


Beginner, 6 months


Medium, 2 years


Knowledge is the food of the soul

  • Website development
  • Mobile app development
  • Web-based application platform
  • Responsive website
  • Facebook marketing
  • UI Designing
  • Giving training
  • Good design sense
  • Philosophy & Spirituality
  • Photography
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Work

Language Skills

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Hindi Advanced
Bangla Medium


7+ Years Experience!

“The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience” – Sir Albert Einstien

Throughout¬†my journey life, I have understood that knowledge doesn’t come with degrees but it comes with experience.

So to gather knowledge in the technical field I started experiencing when I was doing my Bachelors. My those experience include working for organizations event for free of cost just to gather KNOWLEDGE from EXPERIENCE. 

Below I have mentioned my few experiences in organizations


Senior Associate Level 1

2018 - Present
It was a few years I was working in Icreon when on 15th July 2018 I planned to move to a bigger organization to gather more knowledge and wider experience.

Before this, I got a call from Abhinav Sharma (Member of Sapient Hiring Team) regarding an opening of Experience Technology(React), with his help, guidance and my dedication I got chance to join Sapient on 10th September 2018.

After few days of training and bench period I got nominated for the project Legrand where I am got chance to make my core technologies (HTML, SASS, Bootstrap 4, ES6) more strong.

Post Legrand I got chance to work on multiple client projects like Keurig, Loblaws where I worked and currently working too on multiple technologies like React, Redux, Hybris, SASS.

Icreon Communication

Senior Software Engineer

2015 - Present
After working for few years in a company(Medma) which was in my hometown, I got a thought that to get more experience in life I have to leave my home, then I got an opportunity to work with a bigger brand and very established company(Icreon).

In Icreon I started my journey as Senior Software Engineer. During my working period till now, I got a chance to work on many big projects like (OneRoster, Healthlnx, SiteCompli, UJA).

For the successful development of the above-mentioned projects I had to learn many such technologies which were new to me and implement them quickly, some of them include (Angular2, Zend, CodeIgniter, GIT, Gulp, Bower)

Medma Infomatix

Software Engineer

2013- 2015
Medma was legally my first company. I joined there as Trainee Software Engineer after successfully clearing many tough rounds. As before joining Medma I already gathered knowledge with Experience it made me stand out from others.

I started learning HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, CakePHP and many other such technologies and started my journey.

During my working period in Medma I got many opportunities to work on many challenging projects like (Paddler, Motionshows, Icing Artist) in which I used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJs, MustacheJS, CakePHP, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS, SVN and many more

Self Experience


2010 - Present
“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward” – Vernon Law

I have a strong belief in “Self Experience is the best Experience”,¬†So with my Bachelors I started learning technologies and took a Web 2.0 Certification¬†after that I kept on practicing and self-built few products which include (inpsmcalucknow.com, beatest.in, parikalpanaevents.com, khojobook.com),¬†these projects let me learn and implement many technologies like (HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, ReactJS)


My Education

When somebody talks about education with me, I am remembered of the famous quote by Sit Albert Einstein – “Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think”.

But following the course of the society, I gathered below mentioned educations

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Master of Computer

2012 - 2014
Indira Gandhi National Open University

Bachelor of Computer

2009 - 2012
Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations


2007 - 2009
Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations

High School

2005 - 2007


Let's Keep In Touch

Till now you might have known much about me. But just reading a text about doesn’t make it much meaningful.

Yeah, I forgot to tell that I love talking to new people and study their life and learn from their experience.

Don’t wait now and get in touch soon

Ronit Mukherjee
D-1801, Sector - 1, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
+91-860-4757 -207

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Ronit Mukherjee