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stop creating functions globally
Wednesday / May 29, 2019 /

STOP Creating Functions globally

Ronit / Blog, Javascript, Technical / 1 Comment

“STOP Creating functions globally?  Ronit what are you saying?” “Yes, guys I am saying correctly”   In today’s post, I will highlight a Big Mistake which many of us do in our code and we should immediately stop doing that mistake, by the end of this post you will surely understand why I gave the title…

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CaseyHorner's Nature Photograph
Tuesday / Mar 19, 2019 /

Setup a mock JSON API server without coding

Ronit / Blog, Technical / 0 Comments

Setup the mock API server without coding. “Hey!!! Wait, Ronit, Are you serious? API Server that too without coding?” “Yes! I am serious guys. Let me show you how it’s possible.” Many times while development we need APIs to have a conversation between the client and the server and the work of coding is being distributed…

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Wednesday / Mar 13, 2019 /

Understanding difference between var, let and const in details

Ronit / Javascript / 0 Comments

var, let and const all these are used in variable declarations, but they differ in some or the other way, let’s understand the difference between var, let and const in details now. What is var? var is a keyword used to declare a variable and optionally define a value to it. Syntax var varname [= value];…

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Image of Javascript Programming
Sunday / Dec 09, 2018 /

Practice Javascript Programs for Interview

Ronit / Blog, Javascript, Technical / 0 Comments

Here below I will keep on posting Javascript Programs for Interview because preparing for an interview is something which needs to be planned and done in a focused way. Preparation includes going through theories and practicing the programs. “Hope it helps you in your journey of Preparation for Interview” Program #RMJPQ1 OOPS, Private/Public WAP for…

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Anonymous Function Representation
Friday / Nov 30, 2018 /

Understanding Javascript Anonymous Function in 10 Minutes

Ronit / Blog, Javascript, Technical / 0 Comments

MDN Definition: “A function expression in which the name part is omitted is called an Anonymous Function.” “Hey!!! But what is Function expression?” Ok, So before I proceed let me explain you the Function Expression. Function Expression A Function Expression is like any other normal expression but written in the same syntax as a Function Declaration. function…

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Callback Functions Featured Image
Wednesday / Nov 28, 2018 /

Understanding Javascript Callback Function in 15 Minutes by Solving a Problem

Ronit / Blog, Javascript, Technical / 2 Comments

MDN Defination: A callback function is a function passed into another function as an argument, which is then invoked inside the outer function to complete some kind of routine or action. Today in this post I am going to teach a very helpful tool of Javascript called Callback Functions. When you are in a problem and…

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